Solo Trip to Norway: Fjords, Northern Lights, and Viking History

  Traveler visited Norway in October 2017

“I am going to be travelling alone after finishing a 2 week tour in Ireland and Scotland. In Norway I am hoping to see as many fjords and northern lights as possible in a week in October. I would also like to see some Viking history as well. I don't necessarily need to see the big cities as much or stay in fancy hotels.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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7 days Tromsø | Northern Lights & Scenery | Hurtigruten

Day 1: Arrive Tromsø | Chasing the Northern Lights on your own!
Day 2: Chasing the Northern Lights
Day 3: Day in Tromsø | Hurtigruten
Day 4: Hurtigruten | arrival Lofoten
Day 5: Lofoten | Hurtigruten
Day 6: Cruising along Nordland
Day 7: Arrival Trondheim and departure

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Hi Dani, thank you for getting in touch with us! My name is Linda and I can help you out here.

Your best option is to travel north, as it is still early season for Northern lights, and of course we can not guarantee it. I suggest to spend the first part of your week in Tromsø (I will send you a suggestion in a bit) and take the Hurtigruten / Coastal Steamer to Lofoten to experience Lofoth Viking Museum. Here you can also join a Viking feat one of the evenings. Along the cruise, you will experience many fjords and parts of Norways most beautiful stretch..

I will send you the Northern light program now..

Dani B
Yes! It all looks great. I'm just trying to figure out my dates

Great - looking forward to hear from you!

Hi Dani, congratulations with your booking!
I will now go ahead and start the reservation. You will receive the confirmation numbers etc. It may take some time, so be patient, but feel free to ask any questions meanwhile!

and, welcome to Norway!


Dani B
Okay! I'm very excited!!
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