Spring Break: Norway in a Nutshell and Bodø

  A couple visited Norway in April 2018

“We're flying in and out of Oslo. I thought we could do the nutshell tour, but it seems we might be too early in the year. A definite stop is the air museum in Bodo; we're planning to fly there from either Oslo or Bergen. We'd like to see the beauty of the country, and would prefer to not rent a car.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Norway in a Nutshell and Aviation in Bodø

Day 1: Arrive Oslo
Day 2: Norway in a Nutshell
Day 3: Local in Bergen - flight to Bodø
Day 4: Visit the Aviation Museum | Fly to Oslo
Day 5: Explore Oslo
Day 6: Departure Norway

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Hi Patti,

Thank you very much for your message and interest in Norway!

My name is Linda, KimKim expert for Norway. I am from Norway and have been working and traveling in the country for many years. I love working with travelers and help customizing holidays!

Great to hear you are planning a visit to Norway. April is a great time to travel, as you can feel the change of season in the air! It is also getting warmer and days are getting longer...

From your message you mention two things in particular;
1) Norway in a Nutshell
2) the air Museum in Bodø

We do Norway in a Nutshell tours in April, but it is with a slight change as one of the roads is not open yet, but you get to see the Nærøyfjord and do the Flåm Railway.

One option is to start in Bergen with a couple of nights before taking the Norway in a nutshell to Oslo for a couple of nights. You can easily fly to Bodø (it is a fair distance and only way to get there with limited number of days are by air, about 1300km or 1,5 hr flight). That leaves you with one day to visit the Luftfartsmuseum.

Another option is to spend longer time in Bodø area where you can have a couple of nights in Lofoten as well. One of the most beautiful places in Norway. We can still connect it with doing the Norway in a Nutshell.

Let me know what you think about my options above.

Looking forward to hear from you again, and I wish you a nice Sunday.


Patti P.
Hi Linda!

After doing a little research, I think it would probably be better to
spend our time in Oslo and Bodo. We already have our plane tickets to/from
Oslo; we arrive early Sunday morning (Easter Sunday). I know there is an
Easter holiday on Monday; I have already verified with the air museum when
they will be open. I'm thinking we should fly to Bodo (the flights do not
operate daily?), spend at least two nights, and then spend the rest of our
time in Oslo, getting in a round trip on the Norway in a Nutshell tour one
of those days. Does that sound doable?

Thanks for your help! I appreciate your insight!

Hi Patti,

That sounds like a good plan, to focus on Bodø and Oslo.

You can do Norway in a Nutshell. but during the winter it is not doable to travel back to Oslo on the same day. You either have to spend the night in Bergen or take the night train back to Oslo.

Is that an option for you?

If you want to include Norway in a nutshell, then I suggest to do it to Bergen and take flight from Bergen to Bodø so you dont have to go back and forth the same route.

Let me know what you want to do.

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