Seeing Norway's Natural Beauty by Car and Train

  A couple visited Norway in October 2017

“A relaxing break filled with the natural beauty of Norway's breathtaking landscapes and a taste of the local culture. As many outdoor experiences as possible. Seeing some wildlife would be great. A spa day would be good also.
- Gareth G.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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My name is Linda. I am from Norway and have been working and traveling in the country for many years and love helping travelers with customized holiday plans! Great to be connected!

Your journey is coming up really soon, nice! We have great options for outdoor activities. Keep in mind the time of year, and that not all activities are available.

A couple of questions to get us started. Do you know where you will be entering Norway? Oslo? and departing? And any place in mind that you really want to visit?

Gareth G:
We are thinking of traveling by train or maybe car. Trondheim looks interesting, The Lofoten islands, The Stavanger region. Svalbard, Husky sledding would be cool or snowmobiling! Whale/ polar bear watching if this is possible?

One thing we really loved while in Iceland was the glaciers, so being able to get close to a glacier would be great. I realize we won't be able to do all of these things in the time frame but thought it would give you a flavor of the kinds of things we would like to do. 

Linda V:
You might have to focus on either north or south of Norway. If you want to see the Northern Lights, then North is the best option for you. We have some great journeys that take you from Trondheim, on the coastal steamer to Lofoten where you stay a few days before taking the ship again to Tromsø. OR, as you did not mention Tromsø particularly (where you can do dog sledding easiest) you can also connect Trondheim and Lofoten with the Hurtigruten / coastal Steamer.

Another option is to travel from Oslo to Bergen. Preferably by car so you can stop by Stave Church and get to places not easily accessible by public transport. You can also do half week in South (Oslo to Bergen in 3 - 4 days for example) and then fly to Tromsø to try to catch the Northern Light and some activities.

Gareth G:
We were wondering at this time of year (October especially) is the North of Norway hard going weather-wise? Or does it not really make much of a difference in the South or North?

Linda V:
To see the Northern Light, I highly recommend you to travel north. To combine fjords and the south and the Northern Lights, I do suggest that you fly North after a few days in Oslo - by the fjords - Bergen. Do you want me to send you a proposal on that?

Gareth G:
Yes please, it would be good to see a breakdown of it  by car and by train. One thing we have discussed is that if we were to do the south of Norway then we would like to drive one way (Oslo to Bergen) and then catch the train back.

Linda V:
Yes, it is possible. Be aware of the time of the year, sudden snowfalls over the mountains may happen. If you drive back one way, I suggest spending the night somewhere in-between.
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