Scenic Hiking trip to Norway

  A couple visited Norway in June 2017

“Two in shape, experienced travelers (ages 59 and 62), first time to Norway. We are interested in a first-class trip. Want to see Oslo, Bergen and beyond. Scenery, culture, great food, good hotels, we also want to be outdoors. 2-3 days of hiking (not technical climbing) in addition to the great railroad/ferry trips. We love cities and the country; culture and nature. We are active hikers, bikers, skiers. Good hotels and good food are important to us.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Oslo | Explore Local Sognefjord | Bergen

Day 1: Arrival Oslo
Day 2: Explore local Oslo
Day 3: Oslo - Flåm - Aurland | Waterfall hike to Turildfossen
Day 4: Aurland | Hiking experience & local culture
Day 5: Aurland by cycle & overnight in lavvo!
Day 6: Aurland & cruise on the Sognefjord to Bergen
Day 7: Explore Bergen
Day 8: Departure Bergen - fly to Oslo
Day 9: Departure Norway

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Linda Veråsdal
Thank you very much for your request and interesting Norway! I am Linda and would love to help you out to organize a great trip!

We just had a couple finishing off a trip that looks similar to what you are looking for. They said it was the best holiday experiences they had even had. I will send you that trip plan for a look. That is a high-end experience which really gives you a connection to Norway, the people, landscape etc. We can adjust this and add other activities if you like. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Looking forward to hear back from you!

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Traveler Review

Nearly perfect, but one suggestion: the agent might let the client know when to expect to receive confirmation and final details....versus having the client wonder when are the details coming (we became a little anxious so we asked)....especially important for a first-time client.

Linda was great and went the extra mile to deal with an extra night....