Tromsø | Lofoten & Sognefjorden | Bergen

  A couple looking to visit Norway in June 2019

“We are an active couple who prefer hiking and walking tours. We have 10 days to explore Bergen and the fjords and would like at least a few day walks as well as discovering the historic and cultural aspects of the area. If practicable we would like to spend 2 days in the Tromso area.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Tromsø | Lofoten & Sognefjorden | Bergen

Day 1: Arrive Tromsø
Day 2: Tromsø - Hurtigruten
Day 3: Hurtigruten - Svolvær
Day 4: Svolvær | Hiking..
Day 5: Svolvær - Bergen
Day 6: Ferry on Sognefjord to Balestrand
Day 7: Balestrand | Hiking on your own
Day 8: In Balestrand | day tour to Urnes Stave church
Day 9: Balestrand - Flåm Railway to Bergen
Day 10: Explore Local Bergen
Day 11: Departure Bergen

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Hi Penelope, nice to be connected with you! My name is Linda and I am KimKim expert in Norway.

Good to read your trip is in June 2018, that gives us plenty of time to plan.

Tromsø is a very good option. I would suggest to arrive Tromsø, spend a few days there and then fly to Bergen for your tour in Bergen and the fjords. Do you have a budget in mind for your trip?

What type of accommodation are you looking into?

I am looking forward to hear back from you.


Penelope W.
Hi Linda. We like active holidays with day walking trips. Day pack hiking is our particular interest. We are looking for good hotels (usually we stay in 4 star hotels if available) but high end bed and breakfast accomodation would also suit us.


That sounds great Penelope. I do have a plan in mind for you, which goes roughly like this:

Arrive in Tromsø and spend a couple of nights. This is also the time of the midnight sun in Norway (above Arctic circle) so yes, absolutely worth dividing your time.

Take the coastal steamer (Hurtigruten that goes along the Norwegian cast) southwards so you get to experience Lofoten area, one of the most beautiful stretch of Norway. Disembark in Bodø for flight to Bergen.

Then you have about 5 - 7 days left to explore Bergen. Will you be self-driving or depended on public transport?
I am thinking to use a couple of nice places by the fjord, with some really nice historical hotels and area for day hikes.

Let me know what you think and I will add it all into a nicer trip plan for you.

Penelope W.
Hi Linda. Sounds like a great overall plan and just what we had in mnd. We were thinking about using trains and private transfers although self driving is an option. Let us know what you think would work best.

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