Lace up your boots and let a private guide show you this lesser-visited region of Northern Norway. With the stunning Lyngen Alps at your doorstep and extended daylight (summer) hours, you'll take part in six days of trekking with the village of Lyngseidet as your base. Highlights include the Steindalsbreen Glacier, the Gorsabrua Gorge, a trail created by WWII prisoners, a free day for biking or boating, and finally a night in Tromsø — dubbed the 'Paris of the North'.


    • Snap plenty of photos on these moderate, uncrowded trails
    • Hike around stunning turquoise fjords including Ullsfjord and Lyngenfjord
    • Take a tour of the world’s northernmost spirit distillery
    • Explore the base of a glacier that is thousands of years old
    • Walk across a footbridge popular with bungee jumpers


With innumerable day hikes in this region, this outdoorsy adventure in the Lyngenfjord offers you the best of the Arctic mountain range (Lyngen Alps) with beautiful vistas overlooking turquoise fjords. Your private guide will take the lead as you reach new vistas every day, returning to the comfort of the same accommodations at night. The daily walks vary from 3-10 miles (3-8 hours each).   

The trip begins in Tromsø — gateway to the Arctic — where you'll head for Rorneshytta, a remote cabin with commanding views over the fjord. Over the next three days, you’ll experience a gorge and a glacier, including unique flora that has sprung up where the ice has retreated to make way for fertile land over thousands of years. Take part in biking, fishing or kayaking on a free day,  and finally, walk out to Lyngstuva — the farthest point of the Lyngen Peninsula — and marvel at the expanse of the Arctic Sea in front of you. 

In the evenings, you can go for a stroll in the soft light of the midnight sun. During summer months, the sun doesn’t set, so don’t worry about making it back home before dark. On your last night of the trip, you'll return to the lively hub of Tromsø where you can celebrate your accomplishment in the small city's restaurants and pubs. 

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tromsø - Transfer to Lyngseidet Lyngseidet
Day 2 Hike to Rorneshytta Lyngseidet
Day 3 Hike to Steindalsbreen Glacier Lyngseidet
Day 4 Ferry to Kåfjord - Drive to Gorsabrua Lyngseidet
Day 5 Free Day in Lyngenfjord Lyngseidet
Day 6 Hike the War Memorial Trail Lyngseidet
Day 7 Hike to Land's End - Return to Tromsø Tromsø
Day 8 Depart Tromsø  

Day 1: Arrive in Tromsø - Transfer to Lyngseidet

Classic wooden architecture of Northern Norway.
Classic wooden architecture of Northern Norway.

Welcome to Tromsø, the largest city in Northern Norway!

You will be picked up in the morning or early afternoon by a private guide. The trip starts off pretty quickly — you'll drive to Lyngseidet and take the first hike in Svensby. This route offers stunning views over Ullsfjord and the surrounding Lyngen Alps where you can stop and have lunch. 

Day 2: Hike to Rorneshytta

Check out unique flora in this part of the world.
Check out unique flora in this part of the world.

After breakfast in your cabin, take a beautiful hike that meanders through the hilly outskirts beyond Lyngseidet. Continue walking along a marked trail, which leads up above the treeline to Rorneshytta, an idyllic cabin with commanding views over the fjord.

In the afternoon, visit the world’s northernmost distillery called Aurora Spirit — the setting for making whiskey, vodka, and other alcohol products. Local ingredients include herbs, berries, and melted glacier water.

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Day 3: Hike to Steindalsbreen Glacier

Snowy mountains shine bright in the summer sun.
Snowy mountains shine bright in the summer sun.

After breakfast, you'll head to the Steindalen Valley, home of the Steindalsbreen Glacier — a piece of ice so old it actually formed in the Late Stone Age.

This full-day trail has a stunning terrain of mountain pastures, forests, and rivers, and is marked with facts about the flora and fauna, as well as historical information.

When you get to the base, follow the retreating glacier's centuries-old journey as you walk through the valley, with deep crevasses, canyons, sculptures, waterfalls and blue pools. Enjoy lunch on the trail.

Day 4: Ferry to Kåfjord - Drive to Gorsabrua

Rocky mountains near the Gorsabrua Gorge.
Rocky mountains near the Gorsabrua Gorge.

After breakfast, you'll travel by ferry across the fjord. Continue driving to the neighboring Kåfjord and then get out to enjoy the spectacular Gorsabrua Gorge.

This is an area with an early mining history, and the highlight is a remarkable footbridge, which crosses a deep ravine over Northern Europe's deepest canyon. You may even see some adrenaline-seeking bungee jumpers!

Day 5: Free Day in Lyngenfjord

The midnight sun means extra daylight hours.
The midnight sun means extra daylight hours.

Today is your free day in Lyngenfjord! You'll have the whole day to explore hiking and biking trails on your own with great views of waterfalls and the canyon (mountain bike rentals are available).

Being so close to the sea, you can also take a tour through the fjord, either by kayak, jetski, or speedboat. Another option is to take a riverboat through the national park or join a fishing excursion where you'll have a chance to catch your own dinner. Your guide can even prepare a campfire so you can cook the catch of the day.

Day 6: Hike the War Memorial Trail

Take a lunch break and soak up the sun. 
Take a lunch break and soak up the sun. 

After breakfast, you'll hike along a trail built by Russian, Polish and Yugoslavian prisoners during World War II. The path leads up to a small plateau with a reconstructed bunker. This smooth rock formation is perfect for a relaxing break where you can have lunch and bask in the summer weather.

Day 7: Hike to Land's End - Return to Tromsø

Check out the waterfront and views of this beautiful city.
Check out the waterfront and views of this beautiful city.

Your last hike of the trip takes you to Lyngstuva, the outermost point of the Lyngen Penninsula. From here you'll have time to check out amazing panoramic views of the Arctic Sea.  

After lunch on the trail, drive back to Tromsø, arriving in the early evening with free time to explore Northern Norway's largest city on your own.

A good place to start is taking a ride on the cable car, which runs up to a mountain ledge in just four minutes. The two gondolas, known as Seal and Polar Bear, each have a capacity of 28 passengers. From the viewing platform at the upper station, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Tromsø and the surrounding islands, mountains, and fjords. 

If you want to stay for dinner, Fjellstua restaurant on top offers dinner with views. Otherwise, head back down to Tromsø for a variety of pubs and restaurants. 

Day 8: Depart Tromsø

Sunrise in Tromsø.
Sunrise in Tromsø.

It's time to say goodbye to Norway! Before your flight, spend some time wandering this cozy city center and charming pedestrian streets for unique souvenirs before heading to the airport.


Map of Northern Norway Lyngenfjord Trek - 8 Days
Map of Northern Norway Lyngenfjord Trek - 8 Days