Family Hiking in Arcadia

Photo from MAMAKITA
Explore the serene Menalon Trail, a kid-friendly route in Arcadia, in the center of the scenic Peloponnese region. You'll enjoy nature as you walk amongst towering fir trees, rushing rivers and streams, historic watermills, stone bridges, waterfalls, and open gorges. Learn about the region's human heritage history while exploring traditional stone-built villages, monasteries, and archeological sites. 

You'll start with a descent into the Lousios River Valley, passing the Philosopher and Timios Prodromos monasteries. Both were built during the Byzantine Empire and played an important role during Ottoman rule and the Greek War of Independence. Your host will share stories about Greek history as you near the ancient city of Gortys.

Fun add-ons that kids love include learning survival skills, archery, and/or botany. Learn how to search for wild herbs, mushrooms, and edible potherb. Collect asparagus to cook, learn how to produce balsam oil, and light a fire with stones. Your guide can also teach you how to build a shelter in the woods and unveil some of nature’s secrets. Depending on the weather and the season, you can also go truffle hunting!

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