Hiking, biking, wineries and boating in Croatia

  Group of 6 friends visited Croatia in July 2017

“I liked some of your suggested itineraries and we would like to see if we could all or most of the following:

hiking (liked the idea of Plitvice)
biking (liked the idea of cycling/wine tour in Korcula, but open to other ideas)
visit wineries
boating (probably day sailing)

We also prefer 4-5 star accommodations.


Andro Tartaglia, a local specialist from Croatia, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Going Off the Beaten Path in Croatia.

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Croatia Tour - Split, Hvar, Korcula

Day 1: Arrival Split
Day 2: Diocletian's Palace - Explore 1700 years old UNESCO site
Day 3: Island Hvar
Day 4: Island Hvar – Sea kayaking
Day 5: Island Vis and Blue Cave
Day 6: Self-guided hiking Hvar
Day 7: Island Korcula
Day 8: Bike tour Korcula
Day 9: Leisure day in Korcula
Day 10: Return to Split
Day 11: Onward travel
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Traveler Review

Can't say enough great things about our trip to Croatia! Andro and his team really made it wonderful. The tours were fantastic and the transfers were seamless. Would absolutely recommend them for your trip!

Andro was extremely helpful and responsive to all of our questions. Really it was fabulous!