Peru Adventure to Machu Picchu, Amazon, and Nazca Lines

  A couple visited Peru in October 2018

“We'd like to hike Macchu picchu and also do an active amazon eco tour and also see the Nazca lines”

Clara Gies, a local specialist from Peru, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu + The Amazon

Day 1: Arrival in Lima
Day 2: Lima to Ica - Dune Buggies and Sand Boarding
Day 3: Ica – Nazca, Lines overflight – Lima
Day 4: Lima to Cusco, Day to Acclimate
Day 5: Sacred Valley Tour of Maras & Moray
Day 6: Inca Trail - The Journey Begins at Kilometer 82
Day 7: Inca Trail - Gaining Altitude
Day 8: Inca Trail - Trekking along the Inca Highway
Day 9: Inca Trail + Machu Picchu, Citadel Excursion
Day 10: Cusco - Puerto Maldonado
Day 11: Puerto Maldonado - Bello Horizonte
Day 12: Puerto Maldonado - Lima
Day 13: Lima - Out

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Carolyn Frost
Hi,I would be happy to help plan your trip to Peru! 10 days is a perfect amount of time to see the Nazca lines, visit the Amazon, and Machu Picchu. I have a few questions to get us started:

- What type of accommodation are you looking for?
- Did you want group or private tours?
- Do you have a specific budget in mind?

Let me know a bit more about your preferences and I can put together a rough outline for you, then we can plan from there.

We wanted to add the Nazca lines and maybe a nite stay at huacachina, even if we have to stay an additional day to the trip. Group tours are just fine with us. I don't really have a budget in mind as I have no idea what this will cost us? My wife Carrie and I are very adventurous, in very good physician condition, she is def wanting to do some type of zip lining in the Amazon and we're wanting to do the additional trek up the huayana Picchu. As far as accommodations, they don't have to be anything spectacular, something decent is just fine with us.
We are Looking forward to more information and questions from you!

Thanks so much!

Carolyn Frost
Here is what I am thinking for you:

Day 1: Lima Arrival
Day 2: Lima – Ica (Huacachina + Dune Buggy and Sand Boarding)
Day 3: Ica – Nazca, Lines overflight
Day 4: Nazca – Lima
Day 5: Lima – Cusco
Day 6: Sacred Valley Tour of Maras and Moray
Day 7: Inca Trail
Day 8: Inca Trail + Machu Picchu
Day 9: Cusco – Puerto Maldonado
Day 10: Puerto Maldonado
Day 11: Puerto Maldonado – Lima
Day 12: Lima - Out

I just checked for the Inca Trail permits, and unfortunately, the 4-day trek is completely sold out for September. There is still the 2-day trek, but you will not be camping overnight. If you want an alternative trek, we could add in Lares which is a 3 day trek to Machu Picchu, or if you have extra time, we can do the Salkantay trek which is 5-days.
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