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  Family of 2 adults and 3 children visited Peru in July 2018

“We are a family with three active teenage boys. We are looking for a 5 week holiday. We love seeing the world while being active (hiking, biking, white water rafting, snorkeling, zip lining etc.). Machu Pichu is a must and we would love any other suggestions.”


James M, a local specialist from Peru, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Olsen Kneeland - A Tour of South Peru

Day 1: Arrival and overnight stay - Wyndham Costa del Sol
Day 2: Lima - Direct flight transfer to Juliaca Airport
Day 3: Lake Titicaca Tour - Overnight homestay on Amantani Island
Day 4: Free Day to explore Lake Titicaca
Day 5: Drive to Cusco & transfer to Sacred Valley - Various stop off points along the way
Day 6: Chinchero - Urquillos. Half Day hike - Calca
Day 7: Chinchero, Maras & Moray: Mountain Biking (Full Day)
Day 8: Cachicata Trek (Day 1/3)
Day 9: Cachicata Trek (Day 2/3)
Day 10: Cachicata Trek (Day 3/3)
Day 11: Machu Picchu Guided Tour
Day 12: Transfer to Santa Teresa
Day 13: Ziplining & Transfer back to Calca
Day 14: Transfer back to Cusco & free day in afternoon
Day 15: River Rafting: Black Canyon / Rocoto Bridge-Apurimac River
Day 16: River Rafting: Encountering Santo Tomás River
Day 17: River Rafting: Huallpachaca Bridge-Cusco
Day 18: Flight Cusco to Lima - Transfer to Miraflores, Lima
Day 19: Transfer from Miraflores to Lima Airport
Map of Olsen Kneeland - A Tour of South Peru

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Hi, my name is James, I work for Quechua Treks in Cusco, Peru. We´d love to help you plan something for your family & incorporate all the things you´d like to do.

That`s great that you`re looking for something adventurous, Cusco & Peru is the place. I’ll share a broad sketch of a trip plan focused on the activities you`d like to do & I`ll share something with you shortly for you to look through, then we can refine it together & build a trip plan so it fits for your family.


I have a draft outline of a 5-week tour for you.

I`ll add more detail to it at a later stage, once we convert it to a trip plan itinerary on this platform, it`ll bring it to life more for you so you can get a better feel for it.

I`ve put some hotel ideas in brackets, I`ll send you more on these in the trip plan, they`re all exceptional hotels but at very economical prices for these areas. We have preferential rates with them so should secure good rates if you want to go ahead planning this trip. I have tried to keep it as efficient, both logistically & economically, for you so you get the most value out of the trip.

D1 - Lima - transfer to Miraflores (Lot Hotel) - Que Rico afternoon gastronomy tour in downtown lima 
D2 - Coastal Fishing around Lima Coast (Lot Hotel) 
D3 - Huacahina (Ica Region) - Sand dune buggies in the afternoon (Hotel tbc) 
D4 - Free Day, somewhere coastal in Ica (Overnight bed bus to Arequipa) 
D5 - Arequipa - guided tour & free time (Casa Melgar) 
D6 - Rafting in Arequipa: Rio Chili (Casa Melgar) 
D7 - Colca Canyon tour - Condors (Aranwa Hotel) 
D8 - Colca Canyon - Puno (Fundo Chincheros Hacienda) 
D9 - Biking around lake Titicaca (Fundo Chincheros Hacienda) 
D10 - Kayaking Lake Titicaca - Overnight homestay in Lake Titicaca 
D11 - Taquile Island - (Fundo Chincheros Hacienda) 
D12 - Drive to Cusco, various stop off points along the way (Rumi Punku or Andene el Cielo) 
D13 - Free day in Cusco to relax & enjoy (Rumi Punku or Andene el Cielo) 
D14 - Transfer to Sacred Valley, Chinchero - Urquillos day hike - Calca (Aida`s House) 
D15 - Fly fishing in the Valley - Calca (Aida`s House) 
D16 - 18 - Lares Valley Trek + Ollantaytambo on final afternoon (Camping) 
D19 - Short Inca Trail (part of the best & last day of the Classic Inca Trail) Overnight in Aguas Calientes (Hatun Inti Classic) 
D20 - Machu Picchu Tour - transfer to Santa Teresa (Camping) 
D21 - Ziplining - Transfer back to Calca (Aida`s House) 
D22 - Pisac Tour in the Sacred Valley (Aida`s House) 
D23 - Chinchero - Maras Moray: Biking or Kayaking (Aida`s House) 
D24 - Transfer back to Cusco, free day in afternoon (Rumi Punku or Andene el Cielo) 
D25 - 27 River Rafting: Apurimac River (Camping) 
D28 - Back to Cusco, free afternoon (Rumi Punku or Andene el Cielo) 
D29 - Wlking tour of Cusco & picnic lunch near Sacsayhuaman (Rumi Punku or Andene el Cielo) 
D30 - Transfer out from Cusco airport for connecting flights

Please let me know what you think so far, I think this incorporates some of the amazing things to do in Peru & covers a lot of ground.

We can continue refining it until it works for your family, best regards, James

It`s just over 4 weeks but we could include some more things in the North of Peru if you want to extend. Best James

This looks amazing! Exactly what we were looking for. What is the estimated price per person for this?


I`ve worked up a quote based on the outline itinerary above. It is just a quote at this stage, but as I work through a detailed trip plan for you I can refine the costs. 

On a couple of the activities I don`t have the exact prices but have reasonable estimates based on same activities just in different locations & likewise, I will need to confirm seasonal rates with hotels etc. We do get preferential rates so these are factored into our trips. Also, there are various transport options we can take all of which are alternatives we can look at to get this tour built for you.

So based on what I`ve worked through this evening, it`s currently looking at around [price removed] per person. Please bear in mind the above and we can rework to deliver something more economical if you want to refine it.

Please let me know what you think so far & we can begin building a trip plan for your tour so you can begin to see it in a lot more detail.

Look forward to hearing from you soon, best James

The schedule looks amazing it is exactly what we wanted. I think the 4 day trek is probably more my style if you think that is still a good option. How do we move forward with this?
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Traveler Review

We just took three teenage boys on an adventure in Peru. We used KimKim to start the trip and Quechua Treks. I can not express what an amazing trip this was. James and Haley were amazing at changing details and getting the trip just right, and Quechua Treks were the best. From hotels, to amazing food, great adventures, and the best guides we have had on any trip. They were also extremely accommodating when we had to make a change mid trip. This was such an amazing company. We could not have done what we did without them. Thank you for making such an amazing memory for our family.