Private Guided Tour of Sacred Valley

  A couple visited Peru in May 2017

“I am seeking a private guided tour on May 31 for two people starting 7-8am from Tambo del Inka hotel in Urubamba, to Pisaq Archaelogical Park, then back to Ollantaytambo ruins, then to train station in Ollantaytambo by 3pm. We have a train to Machu Picchu at 3:30.”

Mayra Callo, a local specialist from Peru, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Guided Tour of the South Valley & Ollanta (weds)

Day 1: Pisac & Ollantaytambo - Guided Valley tour of Towns & Archaeological Sites

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James Mackender
Hi, Hope you´re well. My name is James, I work for Quechua Treks in Cusco, Peru.

We can help you arrange that, for a guided tour of the ruins (including private guide - fully bi-lingual & specialist, water + snacks, fully air conditioned vehicle),  If you´d like a picnic lunch also please let me know and we can provide that also.

the food is exceptional quality and prepared by one of our chefs fresh the night/early morning before delivery. I can vouch for the quality of the food, I have tried it myself & it's really exceptional. All of our ingredients are bought fresh & are organic from the valley & prepared in a very clean environment.

Please let me know if you´re interested & I´ll set it up for you today,
best regards, James

Hi James, that sounds good. Is there sufficient time to visit both sites and return to Ollantaytambo by 3pm?

James Mackender
Hi, yeah I should think that's plenty of time to walk around and enjoy these towns. They`re both really interesting places to visit. You might not want to leave, but I think you`ll have plenty of time to do what you want to see there. 
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Traveler Review

The service provided was the best I have ever encountered. I highly recommend using the kimkim service in Peru and particularly Mayra and James MacKender.

Mayra was terrific to work with. She was very responsive during a very difficult time in Peru. A strike in the Sacred Valley was announced for the same time I had booked a tour with kimkim. Mayra showed empathy and concern and worked with me to plan alternate contingencies and to keep me updated on the latest news. I heard from her from late at night to early in the morning. She stayed with me as things changed and I felt like she really cared about me and my trip. She made it happen, and our tour was completed and we arrived at Machu Picchu on time. She followed up afterward to make sure everything was okay.