Touring the Sacred Valley from Cuzco before the Inca Trail

  Group of 4 visited Peru in May 2017

“Would like to see some of the sacred valley while waiting in Cuzco. Would prefer to do a partial day trip. We are not sure if we will have any altitude issues so would like to get a simple guided tour of the valley towards the end of our stay in Cuzco. We were looking into taking a trip out to see the condors at the preserve one morning, and wondered if there were any partial day tours in the afternoon or not.”

Nicole and Bill Koch, a local specialist from Peru, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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1 day Pisac tour

Day 1: Pisac Tour

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William and Nicole Koch
Hi, how are you? If you are looking for a half day with the animal refuge I would suggest Pisac in the Sacred Valley. I can set up a private taxi for you with a guide and it will take you to the animal refuge and then over to the Pisac Market and the ruins as well. The hike at the ruins is about 2 hours if you take your car to the top and 4 hours if you hike from the market. You can decide that day depending on how your feeling. If you have enough time, you can stop at the Sacsayhuaman ruins on the way back, a huge fortress from the Incas. 

Some Tips to help you acclimatize in Cusco
  • Day 1 relax and don't walk too much, take cabs everywhere you can
  • Day 2 Explore the city on foot drinking lots of water and taking as many breaks as you need
  • Day 3 Go by taxi to the animal refuge and then to Pisac. Take the car up to the ruins to do the 2-hour hike to help acclimatize for the following day. You can make this a half day trip or a full day trip spending how you feel. If you are working out at home it's not you muscles you have to worry about just your lungs and concern of headaches.
Some things that help with altitude
  • Aspirin (not Tylenol)
  • Ginko Bilboa
  • Coca tea
  • Loads of water
  • Diamox

Just let me know what you want to do and we can set it up. 

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Traveler Review

Thank you Nichole and William, the guide Javier and our driver Marco were excellent. They were first and foremost good people, they were attentive, and knowledgeable about the people places and culture that we were exploring. We came expecting a trip from place to place with explanations and guidance, and instead were treated as friends being welcomed into a family home. They stopped every time we seemed interested in a landmark or even a beautiful field of Quinoa that we wanted to photograph for memories. They showed us a wonderful part of Peru, and we are grateful for their time and effort.

You chose your people well, they made this excursion perfect.