Colombia Tours and Itineraries

Stay two nights in Barichara's charming colonial village.
Colombia's Culture & Nature Tour - 14 Days

Perfect for first-timers, this smart, action-packed itinerary begins in the cosmopolitan capital of Bogotá and then makes its way to the Caribbean coast. Along the route, you'll drive through the Andean highlands visiting preserved colonial towns, fly to the up-and-coming city of Medellín — and then hike through Tayrona Park to get to white-sand beaches and turquoise sea. Spend your last three nights in the romantic UNESCO-listed Old Town of Cartagena, founded in 1533.

A lesser-known attraction: Las Lajas Sanctuary in Ipiales, near Pasto.
Journey Across Colombia: North to South - 14 Days

This sweeping Colombian itinerary covers major highlights from the country's Caribbean coast all the way to the Ecuadorian border. Start off with two relaxing days where you can unwind in a protected national park with white-sand beaches and tropical rainforests. Continue making your way through three of South America's most scenic and important cities — Cartagena, Medellín, and Bogotá — eventually heading south towards lesser-known destinations known for gorgeous Baroque architecture, salsa dancing, and a Gothic church built into a gorge.

Medellín & Camino Verde - 5 Days

Grab your hiking boots — this 5-day adventure highlights an epic trek in central Colombia's rainforests. But first, the trip starts (and ends) in the progressive city of Medellín, a place with a rising culinary and art gallery scene, as well as perpetual spring-like weather. Explore the city by foot and gondola, and check out a wave of construction projects happening in every neighborhood. Then set out on a 3-day trek through Colombia’s last untouched tropical humid rainforests staying in local farmhouses, before returning to Medellín's great bars and restaurants.

Ciudad Perdida (Lost City)
The Lost City & Tayrona Park Adventure - 10 Days

This rugged 10-day trip is ideal for those who want to focus on nature and the outdoors, as it highlights two of the country's biggest natural attractions. Start with a four-day trek to Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a mountain range close to the Caribbean sea. Dubbed 'the new Machu Picchu', this challenging journey reaches the archaeological ruins of Teyuna -- accessible by steep climbs and several river crossings. Continue the adventure with a sailing trip in the Caribbean Sea, and then spend two days exploring Tayrona National Park. Finish the adventure with a relaxing float on the Don Diego River.

Iconic skinny wax palms in Colombia's coffee region.
Colombia's Best Cities & Coffee Region - 10 Days

Check off three unforgettable cities on this whirlwind 10-day tour starting with Bogotá's Spanish colonial sites and buzzing nightlife. You'll then fly to the heart of Colombia's Zona Cafetera for an overnight at a coffee farm where you'll hike the green mountains of Cocora Valley, dotted with impossibly tall palm trees. From here, head to Medellín — a city with outdoor art and spring-like weather — before ending on the Caribbean coast where you'll explore the romantic streets of Cartagena's Old Town.

Finish your trip in romantic Cartagena, with rooftop bars and Caribbean sunsets.
Medellín, Zona Cafetera & Cartagena - 7 Days

For those who don't mind skipping Bogotá, this classic itinerary covers Colombia's Zona Cafetera (coffee zone), bookended by two of Latin America’s most exciting cities. The adventure starts in striking Medellín, where you'll explore this up-and-coming metropolis with a local guide. You'll then drive to the heart of the coffee region and stay overnight at a working farm. Enjoy a day in Salento with a guided hike through stunning green mountains before flying north to Cartagena, where you'll have time to hit the narrow streets of this colonial inner-walled city. Conclude your week with a free day on the coast — perhaps a speedboat ride to the Rosario Islands for white-sand beaches.

Cartagena & Tayrona Park - 5 Days

This fun 5-day adventure hits two major highlights along Colombia's northern coast. First, you'll experience the culture and fairy-tale romance of Cartagena's Old Town, an inner-walled city oozing with colonial architecture and history, not to mention hip hotels and rooftop bars. Then drive east towards Santa Marta to spend a few days at Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona (Tayrona Park) for a slice of South America's prettiest coastline. Explore on your own or take a guided tour of the park's hiking trails and exotic beaches.

Aerial view of Medellín city
Medellín & the Wild Pacific Coast - 5 Days

The undiscovered region of Chocó on Colombia's Pacific coast takes centerstage in this 5-day trip, where you'll have time to explore the massive Utría National Park. This lush rainforest has some of the highest rainfall in the world, so expect to see amazing flora and fauna. The park also protects the coastal marine environment and is known for humpback whales and nesting sea turtles (and these empty beaches are great for surfing). Start and end the trip exploring scenic Medellín -- one of Latin America's most exciting cities --  to round out this awesome Colombian adventure.

Yellow-eared Parrot, Colombia
Birdwatching in Colombia's Andean Ranges & Magdalena Valley - 16 Days

Colombia is an incredible country for birdwatchers. It boasts a list of 77 endemics (birds found in no other country) and is home to well over 1930 bird species — around 20 percent of the world's total bird count. This 16-day adventure is designed to showcase the best birding sites in the country. You'll experience Colombian culture, excellent food, and vibrant cities as you travel between incredible birding habitats. 

Cartagena sunset
Cartagena & the San Bernardo Islands - 5 Days

One of the best aspects of visiting Cartagena on Colombia's northern coast is having close proximity to nearby Caribbean Islands for the ultimate culture/beach adventure. On this 5-day trip, you'll start off experiencing the city's narrow streets with palaces, churches, and mansions painted in pastel colors (not to mention hip hotels and galleries that are popping up). Then, boat over to San Bernardo's beautiful coral islands for white-sand beaches and watersports. Finish the adventure back in Cartagena for one more night of colonial romance.

Cartagena & the Caribbean Coast - 10 Days

Experience stunning highlights along Colombia's northern coast in this active 10-day adventure. You'll soak in the romance and colonial history of Cartagena's Old Town, hike in Tayrona National Park, 4x4 through remote jungles, wander majestic sand dunes, visit indigenous cultures, and go birdwatching in Minca at sunrise. Circle back to Cartagena and end the trip with a relaxing beach day in the Rosario Islands.

Cartagena's walled city
Bogotá, Caño Cristales & Cartagena - 9 Days

Sandwiched between Colombia’s mountainous capital and its romantic inner-walled city on the northern coast, this scenic 9-day journey highlights one of South America's most beloved ecological gems: Caño Cristales. After completing this two-day river adventure, you’ll fly back to Bogotá to visit the salt mines before heading north to Cartagena. Here, you'll have two days to explore the sites, culminating with a speedboat ride to the Rosario Islands.

A view of the mountains from Bogota's La Candelaria district.
Colombian Highlands & the Los Nevados Trek - 9 Days

This active South American adventure spotlights trekking in the high, snowy mountains of Los Nevados National Park. A good portion of this 9-day journey will take place in the rugged outdoors before you head towards the charming colonial town of Villa de Leyva in the Colombian Highlands. Start and finish the trip with time to explore the cosmopolitan capital of Bogotá for colorful street art, museums, dining, and nightlife.

A street in Bogotá's historic center.
Discover Colombia's Great Cities - 14 Days

From the buzzing nightlife of Bogotá to the up-and-coming neighborhoods of Medellín and romance of Cartagena's Old Town, this well-rounded journey covers Colombia's best urban highlights, and yet breaks it up with outdoorsy adventures along the way. Starting in the capital, the two-week adventure is ideal for travelers who want to experience culture and historic sights, but who are also enticed by hiking in coffee fields, exploring a rainforest on the Caribbean Coast, and relaxing on white-sand beaches.

Bogotá, Medellín & El Cocuy - 14 Days

This scenic two-week trip loops around Colombia's interior, focusing on two of Latin America’s most exciting cities and one of its best national parks: Sierra Nevada del Cocuy. Though it’s harder to get to, El Cocuy boasts stunning mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and lakes, and plenty of hiking trails, so this adventure is ideal for travelers who want to explore a lesser-known slice of Colombia's great outdoors. You'll also have time to explore Bogotá and Medellín, as well as the Colombian Highlands, Río Claro Nature Reserve, and Guatapé's lakeside region.

Colombia's Culture & Archaeology Tour - 14 Days

From the up-and-coming city of Medellín to the lush green mountains of Colombia's coffee region and world-class archaeological sites, this fascinating two-week journey covers major highlights and off-the-beaten-path destinations of Colombia's rich interior. This trip is ideal for travellers who don’t mind skipping the coast and instead want a mix of outdoor and cultural adventures, like hiking in the Andes, salsa dancing with locals, and horseback riding in the desert, to name a few.

One of the spectacular views in Tayrona Park.
Colombia's Caribbean Coast & Lost City Trek - 14 Days

From the colonial city of Cartagena to the ancient ruins of the Lost City and the wild costs of La Guajira, this 14-Day journey covers the major highlights and the off-the-beaten-path destinations of the Colombia's Caribbean coast. This trip is ideal for travelers who want to stay on the ground, explore one region in-depth and stay active with a multi-day trek and options for diving and snorkeling.

Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer, Cerro Montezuma, Choco bioregion
Colombia Epic Birdwatching Tour: Western Andes & Santa Marta - 14 Days

This 14-day itinerary is perfect for serious bird watchers who dream of visiting some of the best bird watching sites in the Colombia. The journey includes excursions in the Choco-Western Andes transition, where nearly all the birds are endemic or near-endemic and the mystical and biologically unique Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – an evolutionary island of biodiversity where you have the chance to view over 20 endemic birds. In addition to excellent birding sites, you'll experience life in rural Colombia and travel across stunning landscapes from the sea to the soaring Andes mountains.

Colombia's Urban Walking Tour: Bogotá & Medellín - 7 Days

City slickers who like to hoof it will love this weeklong itinerary in Colombia spotlighting two of Latin America’s most exciting (and mountainous) hubs. The trip starts in the sophisticated capital of Bogotá where you'll have time to soak in the culture, restaurants and nightlife. From here, take a day-trip to the highlands to visit the region's salt mines. Next, it's a flight to Medellín, the scenic metropolis in the midst of a transformation after a turbulent past. With year-round spring temps and a free metrocable, there's plenty to see and do. Take a hike in lakeside Guatapé to round out this fun adventure.

A mountainous plantation in Colombia's Coffee Triangle
Bogotá, Coffee Triangle & Caribbean Coast - 7 Days

Colombia is a nation of vibrant cities, sleepy pueblos, and extraordinary landscapes: this action-packed 7-day tour gives you a taste of the true diversity of this country. Within the span of a week you'll visit the superb museums of Bogotá, savor freshly roasted coffee near Salento and gaze at the sea from Cartagena's glorious ramparts. 

Boat on Palomino Beach
Great Itineraries for Two Weeks in Colombia

Planning to spend two weeks in Colombia? This amount of time opens up a wide range of possibilities to explore multiple areas of Colombia at a leisurely pace. You can visit a number of the highlights including Cartagena’s glorious Old Town, the stunning museums of Bogotá and quaint towns in the Coffee Country, plus a few off-the-beaten-path and adventure destinations.

Hike through the Valle de Cocora in Colombia's Coffee Triangle.
How to Spend 10 Days in Colombia

If you have 10 days in Colombia you can visit two or three areas of the country, thanks to low cost airfares that can jet you quickly between different regions. Enjoy the country's dynamic urban centers, get out in the countryside for hikes, visit a coffee plantation and sunbathe on the Caribbean coast, these are just a few of the things you can pack in during your 10-day stay.

View of Taroa sand dune and ocean
Explore Colombia's Caribbean Coast - 14 Days

This adventurous two-week itinerary covers major highlights along Colombia's stunning and diverse Caribbean coast with plenty of opportunities to get in the water. You'll start off in the sophisticated colonial city of Cartagena with a speedboat trip to Rosario Islands and then head east for Santa Marta. You'll then travel by 4x4 to the lesser-visited La Guajira Peninsula for remote sun-soaked dunes and indigenous tribes. Circle back around to tube down the Rio Don Diego, and then spend a few days hiking around Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, surrounded by tropical rainforests and one of the few coral reefs in Colombia. Sprinkle in sailing, fishing, and a range of water activities before ending the trip back in Cartagena for a walking tour of the city's hipster neighborhood, Getsemani.

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona
Extreme Adventure Summit to the Sea - 14 Days

This outdoorsy, action-packed itinerary hits the crown jewels near two of Colombia's most exciting cities. Start off in up-and-coming Medellín before driving to the "coffee triangle" where you'll stay in a traditional ranch in the Andes. From here, embark on a three-day hike through some of the last surviving snowcapped peaks in the tropics before rafting in two of Colombia's major rivers. Next, you'll head north to the Caribbean coast for white sand beaches, sailing, and a chance to scuba dive in one of the few coral reefs in Colombia. Finish off the two-week adventure with time to explore the romantic cobbled alleys of Cartagena's Old Town.

Undeveloped coastland near Nuqui
Medellín & the Pacific Coast - 7 Days

Get ready for the wild and remote region of Chocó on Colombia's lesser-visited Pacific coast, which is the crux of this 7-day itinerary. The trip starts with a flight to Nuqui in a dense rainforest where you'll spend three days exploring tiny villages and partaking in a variety of activities like canoe rides, hiking, cooking with locals, whale watching, and soaking in hot springs. End the trip in one of Latin America's most exciting cities (Medellín) and then visit a nearby coffee farm to round out this awesome Colombian adventure.

Trekking in Los Nevados National Park
Medellín & Los Nevados Trek - 7 Days

Enjoy the natural beauty of Colombia on this 7-day itinerary which takes you through the mountains and valleys of Colombia's famous coffee region. You'll undertake a multi-day trek in the Andes, relax in the peaceful city of Manizales, and then finish with some urban culture and great museums in the city of Medellin.

One of Tayrona's stunning beaches on the Caribbean Sea
Colombia's Caribbean Coast - 7 Days

This 7-day land and sea adventure covers all the highlights along Colombia's northern coast. You'll experience the culture and fairy-tale romance of Cartagena's Old Town, explore the beautiful Tayrona National Park, hike through mountainous jungles, go birdwatching, visit a coffee farm, and finish your trip with a relaxing trip to the Rosario Islands by private speedboat.

Iconic wax palm trees in the Cocora Valley.
Medellín, Bogotá and the Zona Cafetera - 7 Days

On this fun and fast-paced 7-day tour, you'll experience two of Latin America’s most exciting cities, stay overnight on a working coffee farm, and hike the Andean foothills. The trip starts in Medellín, the scenic metropolis fast on the rise after a turbulent past. You’ll then head into the heart of Colombia's coffee triangle, where you’ll explore the charming town of Salento and tour a working finca (coffee farm) — an industry that has embraced tourism with open arms. You’ll also hike the jaw-dropping green mountains in Valle de Cocora before finishing the trip in Colombia’s sophisticated urban capital.

An artistic clay house in Villa De Leyva
Bogotá and the Colombian Highlands - 7 Days

On this culturally rich 7-day tour, you'll explore the historic and cosmopolitan side of Bogotá before heading north through the scenic Colombian highlands towards two of the country's most photogenic cobblestoned towns. Here, you’ll visit the underground salt mines, bike the Suarez Canyon, and finally explore the Spanish Colonial wonder that is Barichara — oozing with charm — before heading back to the capital's exciting restaurants and nightlife.

Sunset over the Amazon at Letitia.
Adventure in Colombia's Amazon Region - 7 Days

Exploring an area as vast as the Colombian Amazonas might seem daunting, but almost everything that this wild region offers can be experienced in one week from the main town of Leticia. Here’s a 7-day itinerary that stitches together the best wildlife viewing and interactions with indigenous culture, the region’s two principal draws.

Wild Colombia: Hiking, Hot Springs, & Whale Watching - 10 Days

This 10-day trip provides an intimate glimpse into the wild heart of Colombia. On this trip, you'll explore the bustling metropolis of Medellín, experience traditional farm life of Manizales, relax in the tropical beauty of the Pacific Coast, and go whale watching off the shores of the Tribugá Gulf. While this is an active trip, the schedule allows for plenty of down time to relax or explore on your own.

Los Nevados Trek - 3 Days

Enjoy the beautiful coffee region of Colombia with a 3-day hike through a forest of local palms. With 3 snowy peaks that rise higher than 4,800 meters above sea level, Los Nevados National Park extends over 58,300 hectares (more than 143,000 acres, or about as big as the city of Chicago) in the central Cordillera of the Colombian Andes. This region has an extraordinary ecosystem of flora and fauna because of the high elevation. Perpetual snow provides water here, which is essential to the preservation of life. This trek is great for adventurers looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

Cerro Kennedy - 3 Days

Cerro Kennedy is an important mountain located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, with the highest point being at an altitude of 3,100 meters above sea level. Covered by a cloud forest, it is home to hundreds of endemic and migratory birds. From the top of this important mountain, you can get an excellent view of the snowy peaks of Bolivar, Colon, Santa Marta and all the mountains that form the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The Lost City Trek - 5 Days

Ciudad Perdida (or the "Lost City") is located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a mountain range close to the Caribbean sea. Here, you’ll discover the past life of local indigenous people with their wooden houses and stone structures, including terraces and stairways.

The colorful streets of Cartagena
Cartagena City & Nature - Day Tour

In the morning, you'll follow the footsteps of famous pirates and discover the "Pearl of the Caribbean", a city rich in culture, diversity, exotic and heritage. Come evening, you'll journey to a local fishing village for a short canoe ride at sunset with great birdwatching as you're surrounded by nature.

Colombian Coast Adventure - 8 Days

An active 8-day adventure along the northern coast of Colombia. You'll visit the beautiful Tayrona National Park, hike through the jungle, go birdwatching, and finish your trip with a relaxing trip to the Rosario Islands by private speedboat. This trip works especially well if you're flying in and out of Cartagena.

Sky and trees reflected in the Amazon River
Colombia Andes, Amazon & Caribbean - 14-Day Itinerary

This tour takes you off the beaten path and truly epitomizes the diversity that runs through Colombia and its people. Colombia's mountains, jungles, Caribbean beaches, Spanish colonial architecture, rural and indigenous cultures combine to offer a quite unforgettable tour in one of the world's great (and yet uncharted) destinations.

From the colonial architecture to the stunning mountain views, this itinerary showcases Columbia's more colorful side.
Colombian Andes to the Caribbean: 10-Day Itinerary

This 10-day excursion is perfect for an adventurous visitor seeking full immersion into Colombia's landscape and culture. Travel between colorful cities and tropical island retreats, mountain biking some parts in between. Along the way you'll discover colorful art, high peaks, soaring palm trees and delectable coffee. Cap your journey with salsa lessons in romantic Cartagena.

Best of Cartagena - 5-Day Itinerary

Explore Cartagena’s colonial architecture by foot, partake in its rich culinary scene, and meet the local characters for an authentic glimpse into Colombia’s Caribbean culture. Cartagena’s old town is like an outdoor museum, whose stories will be told by an experienced local guide.

Cartagena Family Adventure - 5 Days

Kids love Cartagena. And why wouldn’t they? As a former playground for pirates, the city has plenty to offer for active families that love to explore around. Here’s an idea for the perfect family break in Cartagena for you and your little ones.

Bogota graffiti murals
Colombia Perceptions Cultural Tour - 10 Days

This tour takes you through three of Colombia's most diverse and interesting cities — Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena. You'll begin in Bogota, with its high-Andean look but altogether bohemian feel. You'll visit world-class museums, learn about a rich and eventful history, and experience a complex urban scene with stunning graffiti murals, topped off with a varied culinary offering and some great nightlife.

Aerial View of Cartagena
Diverse Colombia: Los Nevados Trek, Bogota, Coffee and Cartagena - 10 Days

Experience the best of Colombian culture and enjoy a multi-day trek to a hidden site tucked away in an immense mountain chain. Bogota’s cosmopolitan atmosphere — coupled with Cartagena’s regal and historical Caribbean charm — will serve as a fitting prelude and conclusion to your adventure. In between, our multi-day trek across the rugged, volcanic landscapes of the Colombian Andes will take your breath away in more ways than one, with unrivalled natural diversity and little-visited local cultures marking your way.

Church of Santa Barbara in Barichara
Colombia's Central Andes and Coastal Tour - 9 days

After exploring the markets and culture of Bogota, head to the colonial town of Villa de Leyva, famous for its Salt Cathedral located 200 meters underground. Afterwards, enjoy the majestic views of Chicamocha Canyon before heading to Rosario Islands for a taste of the coast.

The lush coffee region of the Cocora Valley
Bogota, Cocora Valley, Medellin and Cartagena - 9 days

On this 9-day tour, you'll get to explore the historical and cultural side of Bogota before heading to the wax palm forests of the Cocora Valley. After spending some time on a local coffee plantation, head over to the beautiful city of Medellin, the home town of the famous Colombian artist, Fernando Botero. Finally, head north to the Pearl of the Caribbean, the colorful town of Cartagena.

Colombian Adventure: Summit to River - 9 Days

From the ice-capped summits of the Sierra Nevada glaciers to the lush tropical rainforest, discover Colombia's astounding biodiversity and contemporary cultures. This tour takes you from city culture to scenic mountain landscapes to the famous coffee region. Finally, experience Colombia as few do, on a river rafting expedition through lush forest.

Beach at Tayrona Park
The Real Colombia - 9-Day Adventure

In nine days, explore the ice-capped summits of the Sierra Nevada to the white sand beaches of the tropical Caribbean coast to discover a range of indigenous and contemporary cultures, as well as astounding biodiversity. Drive across city centres and take scenic mountain roads through the famous coffee region. Experience Colombia’s warm climate and culture by river and sea on rafting and sailing expeditions. 

Cartagena, Tayrona Park, Arrecife and Cabo San Juan - 9 days

Explore the beauty of Colombia's northern coast, from stunning Tayrona Parque to the colonial town of Cartagena. This 9-day itinerary starts and ends in Cartagena, with a variety of local activities including hiking, a visit to a coffee farm, touring through authentic local fishing villages and, of course, great salsa dancing.